Sihle Ngwane

Sihle Ngwane

Rustenburg, South Africa
Sihle Ngwane
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great desk for a small space

White Floating Desk With Storage. This Office Desk Furniture Is A Space Saving Solution For Any Home. Each Home Office Desk Is Easy To Mount And Features Ample Storage Space. Add This Modern Home Office Furniture To Your Workspace Today.

Compact, lightweight and silent, the slingbow is the perfect survival weapon. It can be used for hunting, home and self defense and sport, as there are slingbow clubs in almost every city in America already! Here's how you can make yours for under $20

Compact, lightweight and silent, the slingbow is the perfect survival weapon…

Jigsaw Table - Homemade jigsaw table constructed from surplus aluminum plate and lumber.

Jigsaw Table by markfitz - I made this simple jigsaw table out of an aluminum plate from the Goodwill and scraps of wood from my garage.

cabinet jig - helps to hold the boards together - giving you an added pair of hands to glue

ensure square, no-hassle cabinet assemblies. Cut four long and screw or nail them to a plywood base, leaving exactly square crisscross channels just wide enough for the cabinet parts to fit in snugly.

How to Use a Speed Square

Speed squares aren’t just for marking and angles when you’re cutting You can use a speed square to find roof pitches, guide your circular saw and more—including marking any angle from 0 to 90 degrees.

Like an EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS, when you need it most, when you hang doors, Build In Cupboards, panels and Gates.

DIY Enthusiasts/Professionals: Need a HandiBuddy(R) when hanging doors…