Sid Swan

Sid Swan
Airbrush Artist @ Empire Studioz. Kustom Automotive Art.
Sid Swan
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Illustration: yellow lace teddy & silky arm warmers.

Circus Doll, loving the colours and the style. Reminds me of my work kinda, how things and lines fade off into the blank abyss of white space. Just thought of the idea of a tim burtonesque pin up.that would be amazing


Airbrush colour portraiture with Sid Swan for Empire Studioz

fantasy art horses nazgul ringwraith lord of the rings online wallpaper – Animals Horses HD Desktop Wallpaper

The Headless Horseman

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving. The Headless Horseman art by by Chris Rawlins

Headless Horseman | LD Austing (works at Blizzard for the World of Warcraft Card Game)

Laurel Austin ldaustin illustrations fantasy games Blizzard Diablo Starcraft World of Warcraft conceptual artist

Architectural Visualisation and Animation

Sid Swan Architectural Visualization and Animation.