Siann Lambert

Siann Lambert

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Siann Lambert
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Prayer for prosperity and financial blessings

A prayer for prosperity and financial blessings. Father, it is your desire for us to prosper in all that we do. We speak forth promotions, business ideas, divine connections and partnerships. We stirrup the same creative spirit that made the heavens and t

Five prayers to pray for when you're struggling with anxiety. What does God say about anxiety anyway? Should Christians be anxious? Read more or PIN for later at

What are the ways to treat anxiety without prescription drugs? Are there natural treatments for anxiety that actually work? Leah Grey gives practical advice on how to handle anxiety as a Christian woman.

How to pray like Jesus

ACTS - Adoration for God, Confession of your sins to God, Thanksgiving for all he has and will do, and Supplication asking God for your desires and his will.

Prayer for a pure heart

A prayer for a pure heart. This prayer is based on Psalm Only his loving restoration makes us new again. When we ask for forgiveness – and when we forgive – our hearts are made pure.