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a deer crossing the street in front of a sign that says, las cosas no son sempre como parecen
Peter Vermeulen on Twitter
a black and white photo with the words never waste your time trying to explain who you are
Nonreligious Questions
Learning to Care Less about the Disapproval of Others | A Poignant Blog Post For People-Pleasers | "If you aim to love someone, it is incumbent upon you to attempt to understand him on his own terms, and not misrepresent him."
a lion's face with the words, when you build in silence, people don't know what to attack
Strength..Lions mInspirational
a poem written in black and white with the words'when you are there, then your
When we are brutally honest with ourselves no excuses...walking out repentance for what we have done...THEN God will cause His Light to Shine and restore all things.
a cross with a heart on it and the words i always thought love was shaped like a but it's actually like a
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Jesus Christ Daily Bread - Community - Google+
Love. Jesus, Book Cover, Move Mountains
the sky with stars and mountains in the background that says, if you're praying about
The Jesus Girl
empty-church: But we have to be ready to accept whatever answer God has for us. A BIG part of prayer is trusting God to do what is best regardless of what we hope He does.
a little boy standing next to a white lion on top of a grass covered field
Prayers for Every Topic - Find Daily Prayers & Submit Prayer Requests
Post your #PrayerRequest on Download the free prayer app. #Pray with the world ----->
a lion that is walking down the street with a quote on it's side
Network Marketing Free Training From Millionaires Robert Hollis and Bill Ebert
a lion standing on top of a lush green forest next to a body of water
C.J. Oyster Publishing
The Lion & The Lamb
a quote that says being happy never goes out of style with watercolor paint on it
You can't buy happiness, protect your peace and happiness with God.