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You can take a person OUT of Africa, but you cannot take Africa out of the person! In this upcoming book, Shirley Corder shows you GOD in Africa. Chameleon Eyes, Out Of Africa, Coming Soon, Stock Video, Take That, God, Animals, Creative Design, Environment

God in Africa - Coming Soon!

You can take a person OUT of Africa, but you cannot take Africa out of the person! In this upcoming book, Shirley Corder shows you GOD in Africa.

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Thankful Thursday Week 2 and Tip for Spacing Numbered List - Write to Inspire


Thankful Thursday Week 2 and Tip for Spacing Numbered List - Write to Inspire

International Christian Fiction Writers: Devotion ~ How to Make Something Beautiful

DEVOTION: Reflections in the New Year

by Shirley Corder @Shirl_Corder Let me start this post by wishing you a very happy and blessed New Year! As you look back on last year, what do you see? I see fruitful times—and a few good visits with family. I also see times of frustration and personal reactions which I wish had not happened. Recently, my friend and fellow author on this blog, Ruth Dell, spent some weeks on holiday in Ireland. She sent me these photos, and as I looked at them, I saw a deep significance in each one. This…

Excited for 2018 - A year of Thanksgiving.

Excited for 2018 - A year of Thanksgiving. Let's do this together.

For the year to come, Shirley plans to list 2,018 reasons she is grateful. Why not join her on her blog so you can encourage one another?

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Devotion: A Grumbling Challenge

The children of Israel were chronic grumblers. Reading through the story of the Exodus, we see how the nation complained every time God asked them to do anything. They didn't actually grumble against God of course, they blamed Moses and Aaron. But God knew they were actually complaining about Him. God spoke to Moses up on Mt. Sinai, and reminded the prophet-of-old of the many things He had done for these ungrateful people. He reminded him how the nation had seen all the plagues, and yet He…

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DEVOTION: Move That Mountain ~ by Shirley Corder

". . . if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20 I gazed at the magnificent Table Mountain in Cape Town and wondered. What did God mean? I couldn’t –didn’t want to—believe I held that sort of power, that I could demand it be moved. How many lives would be shattered or lost if that mountain moved? But of course Jesus was not referring to a geological mountain. The…

Top Reasons to Celebrate on Mother's Day. Lessons learned from Being a mom.

DEVOTION: It's Not Fair! ~ by Shirley Corder

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8 “It's not fair! Everyone else's parents let their kids . . .” What parents haven’t heard those words? My husband and I certainly have—from all three kids. Our standard answer was, “Well we’re not everyone’s parents, and we’re saying ‘no’.” I’m also sure not “Everyone’s parents” were that permissive. We didn’t say “No” because we wanted to be hateful parents. We said “No” because as…

Tasmania Road Trip - Lavender Fields and Bay of Fires

THEME REVEAL Build a Better Blog - A-Z Challenge - Write to Inspire

As part of the A to Z Challenge, I will be posting on the theme, Build a Better Blog. 6 posts a week, 1 post a day with Sunday off. Come and learn with me!

*GEOGRAPHY* This map is showing how big Africa truly is. Many people believe Africa is smaller than it is because back then western map makers wanted them to seem like the biggest in the world so they often shrunk Africa.

Out of Africa Archives - Write to Inspire

A series written during the A to Z blogging Challenge, April 2015.

Try the ten questions below to warm up before meeting your trivia buds, or just for fun, whether it's Monday night or not. It's amazing how much.


Writers On The Move: Some Taglines that Work: Part II

Some Taglines that Work: Part II

Last month we had a look at taglines, what they are, and what they're meant to achieve. I encouraged you to try your hand at creating your own, if you hadn't already done so. This month I thought we'd take a look at some author's taglines that really work well. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to find 10 effective author taglines! Does this mean the authors haven't bothered to work on one? Or is it that they are not using them? I suspect more of the latter. I admit that is something…

A beautiful reminder of what God can do with our writing - on the International Christian Fiction Writers blog: DEVOTION: When Crumbs are Enough ~ by Marcia Lee Laycock.

DEVOTION: When Crumbs are Enough ~ by Marcia Lee Laycock

Our Bible study group pondered over one of the miracles of Jesus the other night. It’s a passage in Matthew 15 that describes how the crowds followed Jesus to a remote area, bringing the lame and blind and demon possessed before Him. And he heals them – thousands of them. Then the passage says that he had compassion on the people because they had not eaten for three days. So He told His disciples to find food for them. Food for 4,000 people. In the middle of nowhere. No restaurants nearby…

Writers On The Move: What is Your Tagline? Part 1 Sculpture Lessons, Writers, Core, Encouragement, Inspire, Frame, Blog, Inspiration, Drawings

What is Your Tagline? Part I

Have you ever watched an ad on TV and wondered out loud, "Now what on earth are they advertising?" I have. Many times. Usually by the end of the advert I begin to hazard a guess. Sometimes I'm right. Sometimes I'm totally wrong. The movie clip that is clearly advertising some sort of drink ends up promoting a make of cellphone. Or the gripping little video showing a cute toddler and a rescue dog is really trying to get me to buy a bar of chocolate. Their taglines are not clear, if they are…

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DEVOTION ~ Exceeding, Abundantly More by Shirley Corder

John 2:6-10 We all know the story of how Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana. The question is why. The wedding party ran out of wine. This would have been a huge embarrassment for the host family, and a disappointment to the guests. How good of Jesus to work his first ever miracle to save the situation. The guests would leave the wedding talking about the happy occasion, and the great wine. Yet this miracle is about far more than wine and a rescued wedding celebration. The…