Greek Chicken Bake with Tzatziki - Simply Delicious— Simply Delicious Leave out the side of Tzatziki and pita to make it "first 21 days" friendly.


Kansas City Steakhouse Pot Pie with Mushrooms and Cabernet, I love the taste of red wine in a beef pie.


Asian fish cakes with chilli mayonnaise. 500 g fillet of hake 1 chopped chilli 2 crushed cloves garlic 1 x 5 cm piece ginger, grated ½ cup coriander 2 T hot oil 3 red chillies 2 T olive oil Mayonnaise


Here's a carbonara approach to adding lemon to your pasta dishes. Our Spaghetti Limone used lemon juice, parmesan and parsley. This recipe blends cream, parmesan, egg, lemon zest and spinach.


Fettucini with a mushroom, bacon cream sauce with zucchini or squash instead of pasta


Baked fish with lemon butter and capers

Baked Fish With Lemon Butter - white fish - butter - fish spice of your choice - 4 lemons - butter - 4 garlic cloves - cream - fresh parsley - freshly ground black pepper