You know you're African when ... Or your kids call everyone "auntie" and "uncle" even if they've never met them before.

Applies mainly to South Africans - and it's so, so true! I had so many "tannies / aunties" and "ooms / uncles" growing up . A form of politeness for adults that the rest of the world has pretty much lost / left behind.

South Africa alone has 11 official and commonly used languages throughout their country. How cool is that? The one we are obviously most familiar with is English, the other we may have never heard before. Because, many languages come from the tribes that are settled there.

South Africa has 11 Official Languages, soon to be 12 as South African Sign Language receives the recognition it deserves.

You know you're South African when...

You know you're South African when.hhahahahaha---yes you do--relaxed nation

You know you're South African when. Ja no defin(a)tely. Enjoy the Shit South Africans Say!