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the rocks have different designs on them and are painted to look like owl's
35 Pictures Of Painted Rocks For Inspiration - Bored Art
Rock Owls. Link only goes to the photo, but it looks like they were decorated with either sharpies or paint markers. (cc: @Stephanie Close Easterly )
how to make doily art with crochet lace and watercolors on paper
The Elephant of Surprise: Art for Non-Artists: Easy Doily Watercolor
a spiral notebook with an inspirational quote written on the cover and colorful flowers in the middle
Awesome patterns :) Easy to do
a woman is drawing on the wall with christmas decorations
Drawing Tutorial ❤ How to draw and color Festive Hair for Christmas | #DebbyMas ♡
Drawing Tutorial ❤ How to draw and color Blue Curly Hair - YouTube
someone is holding up a notebook with doodles on it and the words, i love you
tumblr doodles
This was just a random doodle i decided to draw in class
a black and white drawing of a yin - yang symbol with geometric designs on it
Jess Lee
Ying-yang; the balance of life #illustration #yingyang would be a cool tattoo design
an image of yin - yangs with flowers in the middle and different colors on them
pinterest: • d a n a • My likes ♡
a drawing of a woman holding a camera
Cool drawings
someone is drawing an eye with colored pencils
A Lady of Many Talents - Make Something Mondays
I wish I could draw like this
a drawing of an eye with long lashes and green eyeshade next to a pencil
beautiful eyes ♡
The tiniest detail can make a drawing stand out. Just bad ass! Hyperrealism hyperrealism hyper realism realist sketch illustration of an eye emerald green iris
a black and white drawing of two trees in the middle of a field with rocks
how many tigers negative space. This is awesome. Would make a great back piece or even a sleeve on a large arm.
an ostrich's head with a quote written in german on the side
Silly Ostrich watercolour
silly ostrich | Silly Ostrich watercolour | Flickr - Photo Sharing! //Art 2 - ruhsar//
a drawing of a girl with a smiley face holding a yellow balloon above her head
明日はいよいよ @bumpssapporo 主催の 『SpringSessionPresents オトナのStyleSession』 シーズン終盤、楽しくセッションしましょう! 中山峠スキー場に大集合! ICELANTICの試乗も出来ますよ! #nomad95 #icelantic #nippow #japow #powder #jump #freestyleski #freeski #freeskiing #style #freeride #freeski #freerideski #freer
Kristina Webb