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a metal bowl filled with lots of different types of plants and bugs on top of it
Counting ladybugs 🐞 with our lady bug counting stones.
It looks like the Counting Ladybugs are going on a Garden Adventure here, how incredible is this tray by @playful_porter. Also showing off our Count, Match and Order app 🌿🐞 Posted @withregram • @playful_porter 🐞 Ladybug Fun 🐞 Ladybug Counting Stones can be used to explore counting to 20, subitising, odd and even numbers, and addition. Each set of spotty ladybugs includes two each of 0–10 (22 Ladybugs) Designed for use alongside the Stones, the Counting Cards are an ideal way to explore earl
a bowl filled with rocks, logs and ladybugs on top of dirt covered ground
Let’s Play Outdoors on Instagram: “🌿Ladybird🌿 Some small world from us today.🌿 We did something similar to this a few months back and Eve loved it... so as MiniBeasts Month…”
an assortment of plants and other items on display
a table that has various items on it with writing on the top and below them
a potted planter filled with lots of different types of plants and twigs in it
Minibeasts Tuff Tray - Worms!
Emma set up this minibeasts tuff tray to engage her children in the book, Superworm by Julia Donaldson. We love it! If you're reading Superworm with your class, or covering the minibeasts topic, visit the Twinkl website for lots of printable teaching resources! #worms #minibeasts #superworm #tufftray #tuffspot #tufftrayideas #eyfs #earlyyears #eyfsteacher #teaching #teachingresources #freeteachingresources #twinkl #twinklresources #outdoorlearning #nature #forestschool
someone is looking at the ground with dirt and plastic cups on it, while holding a magnifying glass in their hand
a cross stitch pattern with the words my mulbbeat discovery sheet
Teaching resources
Simple sheets for pupils to record on. Linked to a minibeast hunt. Sheets include PCS symbols to help support those pupils who may need visual prompts and are available in full colour or in an editable black and white format