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Letterland : Munching Mike

We began our lesson with Munching Mike's song (sung to the tune of Humpty Dumpty) " Mmmm...", that monster Munching Mike My, he has an appetite. "Mmmm...", he hums contentedly, munching mouthfuls merrily. Next , we made Munching Mike's favourite food: Mushrooms! Through creating the mushroom, our concentration and fine motor skills were put into practise as we crumbled, rolled, squeezed and pasted. At the same time, we did a re-enforcement on counting the quantity of "4" spores for the…

Letterland Stories: Annie Apple - App Launch Trailer - YouTube

Letterland Stories: Annie Apple - App Launch Trailer

Go on a reading adventure with Annie Apple and her Letterland friends! App App Store - Coming Soon Google Play for Android - http://bit.ly/LETAplay Amazon Ap...