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Let me be real with you: applying to college is friggin' DIFFICULT. For many students, myself included, the college application process represents one of the most stressful experiences they will encounter during high school. With so many steps, components, and nuances, this process presents a lot of room for confusion- and a lot of room for error. I’ll walk you through the top 8 fatal mistakes to avoid when applying to college. #applyingtocollege #collegeadvice #collegeapplications #collegetips
The college application process can be scary, and trying to figure out financial aid can make it even more confusing. But did you know that there are 79 U.S. colleges that will cover your FULL financial need? Here I've explained what a "meet-full-need" school is, and I've made a chart of important information about these 79 colleges and universities. Check it out for yourself! #college #collegetips #collegeadvice #applyingtocollege #financialaid #scholarships #collegeapplications


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Everything you need to know to Start a Successful Blog during the summer and turn it into your business. Are you wondering how to start a blog? This post will show you the exact directions for setting up a beautiful blog that will have you earning money quickly. Great for college, graduate students, high school students, new moms, entrepreneurs looking to start a new business that makes money.

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Power BI dashboards help users ad business owners analize their data and make business decisions based on the data visuals that contain information about their business. Creating Power BI dashboard are great ways to visualize data and analize data. I can make you modern and unique dashboard designs. Dashboards contain KPI-s, metric, trends, and other financial, sales, project, etc. information.
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an info poster with two people talking to each other
12 Typical Job Interview Questions and Ways to Answer | TUN
12 Typical Job Interview Questions & How to Answer Them
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Scholarship Spotlight for June 2024
Here's a list of featured scholarships for June 2024!
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Caesar Napoli & Spivak PLLC Opens 2024 Scholarship
Caesar Napoli & Spivak PLLC created the scholarship to give back to the Asian American community whose interest it has been representing since 1990, according to James Napoli, the firm’s founding partner.
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32 Scholarships for June 2024
Here is a list of scholarships due in June 2024.
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Scholarships for June 2024
These scholarships are due in June! Apply before the month is over.
the cover of 12 jobs for biochemisty majors
12 Biochemistry Jobs for Biochemistry Majors
Here is a list of 12 possible jobs for biochemistry majors, along with prospective salaries!
the cover of 12 jobs for computer science majores, with an image of a laptop on
12 Jobs for Computer Science Majors
Here is a list of 12 possible jobs for computer science majors!
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June 2024 Scholarships
Here is a list of scholarships for June 2024!
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Scholarships for June 2024
Here is a list of scholarships for June 2024!
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Phrases To Include In Your Resume
#career #resume #tip #careeradvice
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20 MIT Free Online Courses You Can Take
Here are 20 of the best free online courses taught by Massachusetts Institute of Technology professors and MIT faculty that are available through edX.
the cover of 12 jobs for art majors, with watercolor paints and paintbrushes
12 Jobs for Art Majors
Here are the best jobs for art majors, along with prospective salaries!
a woman smiling and holding a book with the words jacoby & meyers launches
Jacoby & Meyers Launches LatinX Community Scholarship
The scholarship is open to high school seniors, as well as trade school and college students who are in their first or second year of studies.
an advertisement for the school's upcoming summer program, which is being held on june 29
June 2024 Scholarships
Here is a list of scholarships due in June 2024!
two people sitting at a table talking to each other with the title 12 typical job interview questions how to answer them
12 Typical Job Interview Questions: How to Answer Them
Here are various examples of an interview question and accompanying answer that you might hear during your next interview! Get familiar with these questions so you can get a feel of the interview process.