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When you move toward a dream, sweet one, it moves toward you When you move everyday, it moves everyday... I love you

She wouldn't move. But he was desperate for her, and this time he did not hold himself back. He reached for her hand, lacing his own through hers, playing with her still fingers, who weren't are they wanted to yet.

A Breakdown Of The Sexiest Parts Of The Human Body

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Lustfully grinding against your hardening cock, as I seduce you with every curve of my body…

Then his eyes opened, and I lost some of my breath. Five minutes later, he took that breath in a completely different way. With my back arched against the sheets, my hands deep in his hair, the glitter of diamond on my finger the only thing respectful and sane about our union..

“Starving for her words. Starving for her beauty. Starving for her time. Starving for her heart.

Yes Please....Just like that...over and over again!!!

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