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Personal work 2, Evgeniy Shatrow on ArtStation at

Forest walk - Fantasy sketch-Illustrator and artist Evgeniy Shatrow based in Moscow Russia, always comes up with unique illustrations and paintings

Card game illustrations from Yu Cheng Hong

Feature Artist Yu Cheng Hong The most striking feature of the fantasy digital illustrations of the Chinese artist Yu Cheng Hong is the richness of the details. Yu Cheng has worked as a character.

Black Magic

Gnome wizard has a beautiful nude woman in his heated cauldron for his next magic experiment. The owl familiar in the background has huge eyes and is probably asking the same questions I am, "Just what do you think you are doing, Little Old Man?

'Leda And The Swan' by Jeff Wack. The story of how Zeus seduces Leda in the form of a swan is a favourite theme for artists and has been illustrated many time before and will continue to fascinate for centuries to come. #Greek #Mythology #Art

Leda and the Swan - © Jeff Wack. The timeless beauty of the female form inspires my work.
Throughout the ages it has been a source of wonderment and intrigue for countless artists of all media.

Slavic mythology. Vuzhalka by Vasylina

Vuzhalka by Vasylina. In the Belarussian mythology Vuzhalki - is the daughter of the Snake prince. It's young beautiful girls but they have a snake tail instead of legs.