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an art project made with colored paper and watercolor pencils, depicting the sun
a black and white frame with pictures of hands holding each other's fingers, saying pray without ceasing
49 best Auction Class Project Ideas
a painting with many stars and hands on it
37 Unique School Auction Art Projects and Ideas
an art piece is displayed on the floor in front of a wall with many different colored strips
37 Unique School Auction Art Projects and Ideas
colorful birds are sitting on a wire and one is drawn with colored pencils in the background
a drawing of a house with colorful balloons in the shape of a bunch of people
'Fingerprints" One our talented Priest's did the line drawing of the church and the kindergarten children did the finger print 'balloons' Hard to get a good photo of this, it looked even better in person. Only trouble with this piece was the paper. Printer was able to give us copies on 18x24 but paper resisted the ink - it took forever to dry and in some spots the colors bled into one another.
an art piece is hanging on the wall in front of a painting with squares and leaves
Virtue of Unity
a framed photo with hearts and the words we love because the first loved us
school+auction+class+project+ideas | ... School Class Auction Projects | Scriptural Quote for School Auction
an art piece with hot air balloons on it next to a framed photo and other items
an art piece with many different colors and shapes on display in a black box frame
a painting with many stars and hands on it
37 Unique School Auction Art Projects and Ideas
a white framed art piece with colorful circles on it's side, hanging in a bathroom
Kids watercolor art - 2" hole punch, line 'em up!
a cross made out of handprints on a wooden floor
4th grade Gala auction art item
a cross made out of many different pictures
Beautiful cross made by the teachers of SJVS. Each teacher painted a tile and they were hung together to form a cross.