A Centurion Tank during the Korean War

georgy-konstantinovich-zhukov: “ “June 1951 a British Mk III Centurion tank, painted with US markings runs off the road north of Seoul. A difficult recovery job for the men of the Royal Electrical and.

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British Army Centurion AVRE at Mutla Pass Kuwait.

Although a slow old tank the Centurion AVREs with dozers fitted made light work of clearing abandoned vehicles at the end of the Gulf War in Kuwait in

The Vietnam War Era US Army 231st Transportation Company at work

The Vietnam War Era US Army Transportation Company at work

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Scammell Commander with a Centurion Armoured Recovery Vehicle (Arv) on a Crane Freuhaf Trailer. Engine Rolls Royce Perkins 48 valve 4 x ohc, twin Turbo charged diesel, producing at operating speed max all up weight 100 tonne.

Centurion ARV Mk.2

Centurion ARV Mk.2

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