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Hot Chicken Salad

Yummy Chicken Casserole Recipes Chicken casseroles are classic, comforting, and convenient. These tasty casserole recipes use lean chicken and fresh ingredients, making dinner healthful as well as flavorful.

Why Some Types of Exercise Increases blood sugar

How I dealt with my diabetes diagnosis, started my healthy fitness lifestyle, and learned that there is (almost) nothing you can't do with diabetes.

Home Cardio Workout for the Fit With Diabetes challenge

Home Cardio Workout - Get you sweat on with a fun bodyweight cardio workout you can do anywhere. Part of the Fit With Diabetes challenge)

10 Healthy Low-Carb Lunch Recipes

10 delicious, easy, and healthy low-carb lunch recipes. Cold lunches, lunches that you can reheat, and lunches that require a little cooking at lunchtime.

Cardio home workout for the Fit With Diabetes Challenge

Home Cardio Workout - 8 different moves to get your heart pumping! Part of the Fit With Diabetes challenge)

How to avoid low blood sugar doing cardio workouts

A guideline for what to eat and how to dose your insulin before exercising to avoid low or high blood sugar during your workout as a diabetic.

How to sustain your motivation and celebrate your successes

Motivation is a habit that we must practice each day! Setting goals, celebrating your successes and identifying your distractions are key to your motivation