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sharron chonco

south africa, durban / Im an Aries....
sharron chonco
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11 Great Beginner Sewing Projects - My List of Lists 11 perfect ideas for a beginner seamstress. Cuz one day I should really re-learn to use my sewing machine!

Lazy Girl Couch Workouts

Need a quick workout you can do at home or in your hotel room? Here is a perfect workout for you. Hit it hard for 15 minutes to turn on your fat-burning hormone and get your body burning fat for up to 2 days. Sweat your way to your best body!

With the exception of the lightning bugs, all true. My curfew was the street light in front of my house coming on. That was all our curfews.


Tone up, burn calories, build muscles shed unwanted pounds with these seven easy moves, that combine strength training and cardio. This workout is going to be the most effective for your calorie burn and your schedule, assuming you have limited time like

5 Butt and Belly Tabata Exercises - To quickly burn off unwanted fat in your butt and belly.

sweetsweetoilsee: There’s nothing quite like a good ab workout…and boobs :) Love the cameltoe yum

Just the best interracial couple ever, that's all.

Liberty's prophetic flashes danced behind Strzałka's eyes, causing her to scream with pain. It was a searing heat, so intense she wanted to claw out her pupils. Then came a vision that made her halt.