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two stuffed bunnies sitting on top of a wooden floor with the caption in the spirit of easter, i've decided to keep the dust bunnies as decorations
Funny Easter Memes and Images for Sharing - Digital Mom Blog
the sun is setting behind some birds flying in the sky with a caption that reads, when the sun smiles, the birds smile back
15 Perfectly Timed Coincidences We Can’t Believe Actually Happened
a screen shot of a cell phone with the caption crocodiles can now fly or teleport
Does this horrify anyone else? Or am I alone on this?
a beach with people laying on it and the words dear kids, just throw a towel down and save me a spot
14 Hilarious Memes That Only People Who Love to Travel Will Understand | Essence
a baby in front of a spiral galaxy with the caption when you take too much preworkout and you start traveling into another dimension
32 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Way Less Alone In The World