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someone is drawing a cow's head with colored pencils
37 Fun and Simple Drawing Tricks Easy Tips on How to Draw and Doodle
two pictures of hands with green and blue nail polishes on them, one is holding a peacock
three pictures of different types of hand and finger puppets, with one pointing at the other
Super Easy Hand Drawing Tricks for Beginners | How To Draw Any Animal With Your Hand :) | By Kids Art & Craft | Welcome back friends, did you know that we can use our hand in so many different ways to make fun drawings? Let's begin with the dinosaur. It's draw its pointy teeth followed by its neck with stripes and then semi circular scales on its back using a dark green marker we will first border it and then we will fill it up with lime green inside. We will fill up the scales too and then add spots on its body and light pink for the neck. How was it? Let's trace the hand again by keeping the pinky and the thumb a little apart. Now let's join them and make an eye. Make some pointy teeth. You must have now got it what we are up to. Let's make the fins. Border the up part of it in navy blue and then fill it up also for the tail. Now that's coming up to be a really scary shark. But I totally love it. It's so cute. And colouring it is so much fun. Border with grey for the lower part and done. With the fingers folded and the pinky and the thumb sticking out trace the hand. We are making a fish. So draw an eye and add a tail. Now let's add some details to the fins. To make them look pretty. Add some bubbles make some seaweeds and now it's time to colour the fish. Yellow for its head, pink for its body and blue for its tail. A colorful fish. Finally the green seaweeds. Good job. Now can you guess what we are up to in this drawing? Looks like two ears, right? Now two hands are forming and a body with feet. It has a pair of bright eyes, a cute smile and a teeny tiny nose. Still no guesses? Let's give a some rosy cheeks and colour it. May be then you will be able to guess what we are drawing using my yellow marker. I am going to colour it in all yellow. Remember the short chubby rodent Pokemon Pikachu. Now we will draw a cat. Tracing our hand just like so. Let's draw two small ovals for the eyes. A cute mouth and an oval no nose and don't forget to add its whiskers. Now we will make its body and here comes the tail. Time to add the details. Draw the paws, add a belt around the neck, colour the ears pink, add rosy cheeks and done. So that's all for today. Until next time, bye.
four different pictures of hand and corn on the cob with fingers pointing at it
Cute Drawing Tricks for Kids | Cool things to draw with your hands :) | By Activities For Kids | Hello friends, welcome to our Facebook page. A dog is a faithful animal that obeys its owner and is considered to be the best companion a person could ever get. On average a dog lives for only 12 to 15 years and this might be because of their behaviour, emotions. Kids will learn quickly to draw this dog. A casual sketch that is showing a fatty blue shark chasing a tiny fish. This is an interesting comical sketch that gives proofs that thought can be no and created on paper. The great blue shark is mindlessly chasing the tiny fish. This shows the ordinary life of the ocean. Kids will have fun making this drawing. Amaze the children with this funky and cool giraffe's sketch. The giraffe has this beautiful expression on its face. He has his tongue out and his eyes are so funny, calming and relaxed. Giraffes have tiny dense hairs on their coat. They have small pairs of horns which are covered with skin. Their ears are almost the same size as their horns. The brown patterns on their body are present on their Kids will be interested in making this sketch. Their interest will grow more if they will know about the friendly nature of a giraffe. We will make your kids tired. The drawing depicts simple corn that is grown in all parts of the world. It is typically called maize which is the name of the crop. The seeds are called corn which are high in fibre and starch. The sketch is coloured in bright yellow and green. The thin strands covering the seeds are called corn silk which has many uses. Practicing this sketch will enable kids to get out of their comfort zone which will force them to exercise their brains. The sketch is precise and simple. An easy way to draw a peacock is this one. Here it is illustrated in an elaborated manner. Making this beautiful bird is very easy. It can be made by just tracing the palm of your hand on the paper and after tracing let the child draw the rest of the features. The remarkable feature of this peacock is that it has a beautiful set of tails that when they are happy. This sketch shows this peacock with the yellow tail that has purple feathers and a green base. We have already discussed a similar sketch before where we made a peacock. This is a cactus that uses the same technique to draw by only tracing the palm and fingers on the paper we can get the outline of the cactus. The rest leave upon your kid to make. The flowers, the eyes and the smiling mount are all the basic objects of this drawing. These basic objects add life to the image. They act as key performance elements. The pot inside which cactus grows has got a classic design. So make it worth drawing. If you chose this drawing to draw with your child then I must say that you have great skill in decision making. This drawing has a lot of different elements that are grouped together into a single drawing. The very distinct objects will make the child alert about the drawing which will motivate sharp thinking and a skillful mindset. The sketch shows a rabbit eating carrots on large agricultural land. The farm is full of carrots. The drawing shows a beautiful sun and a rainbow among the clouds. Thanks for watching our video. Watch our other drawing videos to make fun drawing. Thanks and see you again soon.
four pictures of children's hand and their drawings
Cute Animal Drawings for Kids & Beginners | animal, tutorial | Learn to Make Simple Animal Drawing Tutorial for Kids | By Kidpid | Hi there friends, today we will draw by tracing our hands. So let's get started. Trace your hand like so. Join the open ends and on the tip of the thumb. Draw the details of a cock's head. Begin adding feathers to the bird's neck and body. Now add a pair of feet and now it's time to colour. So grab your sketch pens and begin colouring the cock in dark yellow. Fill the feathers with blue, green, pink and purple colours. Now stretch open your hand, place it on the paper and press it all but the thumb. Extend the bases of all your fingers like so and make details on the finger tips. Now add a big curve over head with two leaves. We are drawing chillies. So time to colour the beautiful chillies. Sketch colour the notes of the chillies in green. Choose a darker green shade for the leaves and a bright red for the chilli with the middle finger folded trace your hand draw a detail like so in the middle finger part and some more on the rest of the finger marks and wrist area now draw two eyes fill them up with black keeping two tiny circles inside now draw the nostrils and mouth make patches on the neck now it's time to colour so get your sketch pens begin colouring using dark orange for the patches allow orange for the mouth and a bright yellow for the rest of it. Now place your hand on the paper again and trace it out rather loosely this time. Join the open ends make a bottle shape and now draw an eye and peak. Make details like so and two wings. Make the feathers. This is a peacock. So let's draw the peacock pattern on its feathers. Draw its feet and now it's time to colour. Trace the hand again Draw a big R at the base of the hand. Make bushes on both sides. Now draw tiny flags on the tips of the fingers. These are the conical roofs of a castle. Draw the little windows. Now make the floor below with bigger windows on two sides and a big door. Make road, clouds, a smiling sun and grass. Now colour the roof red with sketch pens fill blue, yellow, green and orange for the and colour the rest of the castle in pink. What a bright castle. Trace your hand with the black marker. Invert the page and join the openings. Draw parallel curves and circle on the tip of the thumb. Draw eyes around nose and a thick mustache. Join the first finger and the pinky. Now draw Santa's belt around it and then draw his gloved hands. Next move on to draw his legs. Finally colour him red all over. Bye bye.
two pictures of hands holding an image of a chicken and the other hand is pointing at it
four different types of hand gestures for children
two pictures of cats with colored pencils on them
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Things to draw on your hands: Hand tracing art & Hand drawing ideas
an image of how to draw a cartoon dinosaur with pencils and crayons
someone is drawing a dinosaur with crayons on the paper and colored pencils
Handprint drawing tutorial: 17 Cool hand drawing ideas
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someone is drawing zebras on paper with crayons and pencils next to them
Handprint drawing tutorial: 17 Cool hand drawing ideas
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