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several potted plants with different colored flowers in them
a llama with sunglasses on it's face is standing in front of some succulents
"Macetera de Barro"
a cactus with googly eyes sitting in a pot
googly eye cactus
a stuffed animal in a potted plant with a red bow around it's neck
a potted plant in a glass vase on a counter top next to a window
Avocado Vase
I am obsessed with this avocado vase! I am definitely not one to have a green thumb, but this vase made it so easy to propagate an avocado pit! Avocado Seed Starter Planter Vase Pot Avocado Tree Growing Kit Glass Vases Grow Avocado Trees at Home Avocado Tree Growing Kit Unusual Gardening Gifts : Patio, Lawn & Garden #amazon #avocado #growanacocado #plants
My favorite way to reuse candles. 🙌🏻🌱
How to grow an avocado from a seed 🥑 | The fastest way | Avocado plant 🪴
Grow an avocado
a shelf filled with potted plants on top of wooden floor next to a wall
a close up of a plant with water drops hanging from it
Glass Plant Jewelry & Accessories | Indoor Plant Interior Design Ideas for Pothos or Monstera