Shannyn Fox

Shannyn Fox

Cape Town / South African-Italian♡ Trance, Love & light***Mad love for my girlfriend of 3 Years
Shannyn Fox
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#trance #edm This is a cool Pin but OMG check this out #EDM

For those who have a hard time letting go of something whatever that may be, you always have the opportunity to explore new music. I would recommend you listen to tons and tons of trance music. You will be surprise overtime how therapeutic it will become.

The most accurate description of trance music

The description of trance music. (Just ignore the spelling error this person put in it.

Bitches be like.. I need a new stroller smh

I- If ur child is 6 or 7 and is still in a stroller b/c shes over weight, and you wonder why people stare, well theirs ur answer. give ur kid fruits and veggies instead of potatochips and candy bars eh. THEIRS YOUR SIGHN, # 1 MOM