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Shannon Suliivan
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How to make a Mickey Mouse cake at home.

Got mom a life alert and commonwealth home health will install it on Monday. Your sweet daughter Valerie is going to be there when the technician installs it so mom will be sure to have all the instructions.

Hanging balloons - just put a marble inside - or a battery powered tea light if it's an evening event

Hanging balloons, put a marble inside before you blow it up ~~ MUCH cheaper than paper lanterns! Add a glow stick for spooky balloons would be better - w glow sticks

We can't all be famous, but that doesn't mean we can't party like a star! Here are some of our favorite must-haves for any Oscar viewing par...

To make your own DIY glitter-dipped cups, all you need is some disposable clear plastic cups, lots of gold craft glitter, super 77 spray adhesive and a pair of latex gloves.