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Sharing the insights, life experiences and beautiful work of remarkable creatives from all over the world. Naturalscool inspires innovative design professionals to find deeper meaning in their personal lives through their creative practice.
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Painting Mandela's Portrait - Cyril Coetzee talking with naturalscool...

Painting Mandela's Portrait - Cyril Coetzee talking with Keith Struthers

David Tragen, furniture designer and maker - with this 'beating wings' table - talks about forging your own path as a designer. listen to the podcast ...

David Tragen talks about forging your own path as a designer-talking with Keith Struthers

The art of upcycling – innovation, recycling, craft and making by Thomas Dambo .

A giant troll has popped up in the Danish city of Horsens—but don’t worry, he’s friendly. Upcycle artist Thomas Dambo designed the charming Troels the Troll, a feet) interactive sculpture built from recycled wood pallets and The 4

Architecture for Human Beings - talking deep listening, organic architecture, architecture education with architect David Barrett & naturalscool...

Architecture for Human Beings - talking deep listening with David Barrett & Keith Struthers

Vital forms - ceramics by Kate Malone.

Vital forms - talking ceramics with Kate Malone and Keith Struthers - NaturalsCool

Listen to this uplifting story of how one woman's resourceful creativity has created a thriving business that a community of women and their families can depend on. Listen to our podcast discussion with Doron Shaltiel from Quazi design...

Doron Shaltiel speaks about women crafting community

Fine tuning your life -Tom bills makes world class, custom made guitars, each made with the heart felt care

Tune in to this audio discussion (above) with a world class luthier who's much more than just a guitar maker. Tom Bills crafts guitars that look every bit as good as they sound.

Listen to this motivating story of a sculptor who takes action on his insights.  Known for his remarkably intricate plant sculptures, Nic Bladen is an acclaimed South African jeweller and sculptor. His dream is to create complete libraries of plant sculptures, which preserve and record the biodiversity and beauty of different plant landscapes for future generations.

Forging your life's purpose - Nic Bladen talking with Keith Struthers

Crafting your life - guitar maker / luthier, Colin Rock speaks with naturalscool about craft, self development and guitars.

Crafting your life-Talking hands on with Colin Rock and Keith Struthers

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