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The key to making the Bargello design work is to have a fabric run ranging from very light to dark. Description from I searched for this on

You can learn How to Make a Bargello Quilt in no time with this quilting tutorial. A bargello quilt is a quilt pattern that makes a zig zag design with a gradient color scheme of fabric. You want your fabrics to range from dark to light in a gradual

"Best quilt as you go tutorial I have found."

Quilt as you GO - this is a clearly written tutorial - and because of the fabrics chosen, it is also easy to understand via the pix. I have been looking for a tutorial this understandable. Plus her finished product looks neat/tidy.

Quilt-As-You-Go---super new method to try

Quilt-As-You-Go---super new method to try

(2011-05) Preschool curriculum

Preschool curriculum - themes **Lori note this is a COMPLETE Awesome curriculum of a real teacher.

Improving pencil grasp with Fine Motor Play

Creative ways to work on and improve pencil grasp with fine motor play for kids.

Easy Activities for Precision in Fine Motor Skills

Easy precision in grasp, release, and rotation in fine motor skills for kids. Precision is so important in dexterity in many skills like handwriting, cutting with scissors, and everything done with the hands!