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Truth is a hard pill to swallow

A tough pill to swallow only because truth requires change. Change is effort and consistent. So can you keep the pace? To swallow the pill you need to lift the veil. Set your heart. Renew your mind and transform everyday to walk in the truth.

Dance is still my favorite thing to do, i am just the kind of girl who likes to dance like no one is watching

DANCERS Dancers are a different breed. They dance ALL the time in regular everyday settings. A dancer doesn't just bend over to pick something up, they ponche, plie, cambre.I think most everyone has an urge to break out and dance. We are ALL dancers!

Your true family

Blood doesnt make family. Id choose my friends over some family members any day. Its about people whose made the effort to see you and spend time with you. Blood doesnt mean shit. its just dna nothing more. My opinion, thats the way I look at it.