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a couple dressed as batman and batgirl posing for a photo in front of purple flowers
Robert Pattinson as the New Batman Has Spawned a Whole Lotta Memes and Reactions
some animals that are in the dirt and one is laying on top of another animal
Capybara, the most friendly animal - Animals
Capybara,the most friendly animal
a tweet posted to someone in the desert with cacti on it
Sleep less and dream more
brainy #quotes mental health, #quotes for 7 habits, #quotes about time management for students.
a little boy that is standing in front of a tv with his eyes closed and looking at the camera
oop mood👀😬’
many records are stacked on top of each other
Home - socimage
Vinyl records became a very popular thing in the 1970's. Many people would use them in place of a phonograph cylinder. People would buy all kinds of vinyl records and would share them among each other
many neon signs are hanging from the ceiling
God's Own Junkyard | Art in Walthamstow, London
God's Own Junkyard | Art in Upper Walthamstow, London| definitely on my bucket list to visit here!
let me help you create a cute theme, babygirl. #random #Random #amreading #books #wattpad Sayings, Thoughts, Quotes, People, Stupid Things, Truth, Love Your, Words, Phrase
MOVED 2 @-dommysbaby! ♡
let me help you create a cute theme, babygirl. #random #Random #amreading #books #wattpad
a person in a yellow costume drinking from a bottle
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a man wearing gold sunglasses is smiling and looking at the camera while another person holds his hand up in front of him
a man wearing a hat with the caption hey u accidentally left me on read haha
girl: OMG so sorrry. My dad called me because he needed me to help him" Him: "You ungrateful bitch. You didn't find a single second to write a one-sentence reply? Wow. You're so shallow. No wonder you always for guys who treat you like shit you shallow bitch."
a person with a fake face on their head in front of some palm trees and people
a man with glasses and a tiara on his head is wearing a white towel
me when somebody ask me who I think I am