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a rock with a door painted on it sitting in the grass next to a tree
DOORS of PERCEPTION Hand Painted Castle Doors on Flagstone Natural Art - Etsy Canada
Doors of Perception - hand painted castle doors on flagstone / MyGardenRocks
a wooden door with chains hanging from it's sides and a stone wall in the background
Castle Doors and Draw Bridge | Etsy
Castle Doors and Draw Bridge, doors open, draw bridge draws.
a room with a ladder and some pictures on the wall behind it that has been decorated
Drawbridge. Have children enter the classroom through the drawbridge. the stones could be cereal boxes spray painted gray. King/Queen theme.
a room with a ladder and some pictures on the wall behind it that has been decorated
Drawbride - Preschool hall?
a blue door with yellow eyes and a cat's face painted on the front
Do you like snow? Opinion Writing {freebie}
Pete the Cat Classroom Door..... You could have the children choose between a few well known book characters and they write their opinion as to why the teacher should choose their character to put in the classroom door... Ex. Pete the cat, david, Olivia, pigeon, duck from click clack moo, etc.
three old doors are decorated with flowers and chalkboards
15+ Shabby Chic Decor Ideas | The Craftiest Couple
Beautiful use of old drawer fronts! Take out the inset, chalk paint, add chicken wire and hang.
an old white desk and chair with flowers in vases on the table next to it
Vanice Laine Alexandrino's favorites
Old door turned into a potting table. Now that we are considering a return to San Diego, I wonder if that cool architectural resale store is still downtown?
an old door is used as a bar for drinks and beverages in the sunroom
Cute! Turn a door into shelving!
two wooden doors sitting in the middle of a workshop
Rustic saloon doors our wonderful neighbor made for us:)
an old wooden door with a heart shaped mirror
Love meaty doors and this baby has a heart, beauty-full!
an old blue door with rusted metal latch
Blue Green Doors