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four different types of hot air balloons with words written on them and writing on the sides
Presenting Multiplication Strategies with a few FREEBIES!
It\'s important students are learning their multiplication strategies such as arrays, repeated addition, equal grouping, and skip counting. So why not make it engaging with these ideas and activities that you can download for FREE?
four different colored erases are arranged on a sheet of paper with numbers and times
How to Teach Arrays
I love learning about arrays because they are so visual which allows for a lot of really fun rectangular arrays activities and practice! I l...
an easter themed roll and cover game with dices
Munching on Multiplication - Amy Lemons
Multiplication is one of my VERY favorite math units. I feel like I say that about everything other than regrouping, ha! Pretty much as long as I’m not teaching regrouping I’m in heaven! I wanted to share a couple of new multiplication activities with you! I realize that not everyone can have fun with food …
a printable worksheet for the goldfish to multiplication task
Introduction to multiplication activity
Teach your students the concept of multiplication with this hands-on multiplication activity!
transportation worksheet for kids to learn how to use the numbers in their vehicles
Transportation Multiplication for Beginning Math → Royal Baloo
Transportation multiplication! Teach beginning multiplication with a fun transportation theme. Multiplying doesn't have to be hard!
four different ways to represent the number line
Introducing Multiplication
Enjoy a FREE assessment on beginning concepts of multiplication! Students will show four ways of representing multiplication on these assessments. This is a great way to begin the unit!
three pink pigs with blue hearts on their faces and the words, big pig print and play
Math Activities for Equal Groups
Math Activities for Equal Groups - Here are 5 printable math activities to hep your students establish a firm foundation before tackling multiplication and division. All the activities in this math packet deal with numbers up to 15. | #FromThePond #TeacherTips #MathFun #MathCenter #NumberSense #MathActivities