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Shane Ackhurst

Shane Ackhurst
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The Gruber Assist kit is a highly unusual way of adding electric assistance to your pedalling. While most e-bike motors are housed in a

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Probably my favorite scene (and I do not make that remark lightly! It's so hard to find a favorite scene in Despicable Me because they're all so awesome :)

Kimi Raikkonen - bad ass of formula one

Kimi "Iceman" Räikkönen, Finnish Formula 1 driver - loved this interview

How To Keep That Honeymoon Phase Going Forever And Ever

Kissing the one we love brings out joyful emotions that make us feel complete and happy. If you're looking for some inspiration kiss quotes, these romantic quotes will help you express how kissing makes you

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Selfies maybe causing head lice outbreak in teens. It also causes vomiting in older people!