gillian erskine

gillian erskine

gillian erskine
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my "peacock" guest bedroom

peacock guest bedroom-I love that it's not an overwhelming amount of peacock everywhere

Peacock color scheme for our master bedroom

Here's the colour palette I was looking for! Colour palette: just to get some colour ideas peacock tones

Peacock---Mama's Room???

New Mesothelioma Drug to Cure Cancer from Poisionous Sea Squirt Peacock Colors - finally a palette that works for what I want in our bedroom! And go figure - its a peacock.

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What about peacock colors for the wedding? It has the teal and purple in it! And you don't have to have actual feathers.

Peacock Home Decor - Want that mirror!

I just love the colours in a peacock feather: blue, green, purple and a little bit of gold. The peacock is a beautiful and majestic animal and is a symbol of integrity and beauty.

Healthy food recipes for weight loss #Healthy #Food #Weight #Loss #weightloss #recipes

This lady lost 135 pounds and loves to cook healthy recipes. This is a list of her recipes. I haven't gone through the entire list but all looks great!

4 Amazing Diet Recipes For Weight Loss: You will be compelled to change your opinion of dieting and enjoy diet food as a feast.

4 Amazing Weight Loss Recipes: The chicken is moist and it has the flavours of different spices without any spice heat.

Aubergine pizza - low carb pizza idea.  (This could be done with my oversized zuccini at the end of every summer.) - Just made this for lunch, and it's very good!  a Keeper recipe - Shorty

grilled and baked aubergine pizza (low carb) couldn't grill it (no grill) and was a little impatient so the eggplant was not as cooked as it should have been. Good recipe though