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the letter b worksheet is filled with pictures and words to help children learn how to read
UPDATED Alphabet Letter Puzzles (Lower-case Letters) - Whole Alphabet Included!
Alphabet puzzles - All 26 letters included!
a bunch of eggs that are sitting on a table with words written in the middle
Use ping pong balls to teach your active learner sight words. "Throw 'for' to me. Throw 'so' to me."
colorful plastic letters and numbers are scattered on the floor next to a box with scissors
Letter Bin
Multi-Age Learning with this simple letter bin. Scoop up a few of these letter sets if you see them on sale! You can use a bin of magnetic letters for so many educational play activities.
an image of a floor plan with squares and rectangles in the shape of a square
14 Free Printable Board Game Templates
Free Printable Board Game Templates...the possibilities
there are many different fruits and vegetables on the table with letters that spell out their names
Exploring Our 5 Senses with Fruits and Vegetables - Lois Ehlert September Virtual Book Club Blog Hop
Make a letter match with fresh fruits and vegetables. Have your child identify the beginning sound and match them up!
a colorful board game with the word ms r n p on it
Preschool Lesson Planning Resources - Stay at Home Educator
The Imagination Tree: Noisy Letter Jump Phonics Game! English, Phonics Activities, Phonics, Phonics Games, Learning The Alphabet, Learning Letters, Teaching Letters, Number Recognition
Noisy Letter Jump Phonics Game! - The Imagination Tree
The Imagination Tree: Noisy Letter Jump Phonics Game!
a close up of a cookie with icing on it and numbers in the background
Play Dough Letter Impressions - The Imagination Tree
The Imagination Tree: Play Dough Letter Impressions
a person reaching for an object on the ground with their hand and fingers in front of it
Learning With Push Lights
A Little Learning For Two: Learning With Push Lights