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The Left hates Freedom of Speech because it hiders their agenda that is based on manipulation by emotional tactics, and nothing to do with actual facts and logic. Truth Hurts, It Hurts, Facebook Jail, Facebook Police, Delete Facebook, Funny Facebook, Facebook News, Conservative Memes, Liberal Hypocrisy

Why do all Reiki Masters have to be clones? - Chikara-Reiki-Do

Good mornin' all Diversity is what makes life interesting and stimulating, don't you agree? And diversity in Reiki is imperative! If we're all the same, then that would be so boring. Imagine every client or customer you wanted to help or heal had the same bloomin' problem! Well, why do all Reiki Masters have to be clones? Simple answer? – They don't :-) It's wonderful and absolutely natural for each and every type of Reiki Master to be a free thinking, individual, independent and a unique…

I know all too well, and he doesn't just steal your speech, he burns your cash. Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal Logic, Stupid Liberals, Liberal Agenda, Socialism, Politicians, Bill Gates, Social Media Site, Social Media Marketing

10+ Alternative Social Media Sites To Facebook & Others - Eluxe Magazine

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The People's Cube brings you glorious political humor satire and correct opinions for progressive liberals from the original Party Organ of Record Facebook Jail, Facebook Humor, Jail Meme, Funny Relatable Memes, Funny Quotes, Social Media Quotes, Social Art, New Gods, Political Quotes

PLEEEEEEEASE! Someone develop a competitor to facebook. It sucks.....BAAAAAAAD! ⋆ Powdered Wig Society

By Thomas Madison How timely it was that I ran across the following article, considering my own chronic problems with the Nazis at fascistbook. The most recent episode occurred just hours ago. I, Thomas Madison, am a blogger. Thomas Madison […]

Funny Memes Mark Zuckerberg right now. Facebook Jail, About Facebook, Zuckerberg Meme, Facebook Addiction, Liberal Memes, Dr Evil, Speak The Truth, Motivational Posters, True Stories


CleveredFool.com Facebook Changes Motivational Posters www.cleveredfool.com/facebook-changes-motivational-poster...

21 Hilarious Zuckerberg Memes That Are Trending on Internet Political Speeches, Political Memes, Facebook Humor, Facebook Marketing, Zuckerberg Meme, Liberal Politics, Liberal Views, Funny People

Thomas Paine on Twitter

“BREAKING-- Wikileaks Bombshell: Podesta Emails Prove Facebook Colluded With Hillary Clinton During Election **RT** https://t.co/iXvGn059Pn”

 This collection of memes will make your day. So buckle up and enjoy 25 Extremely Hilarious Mark Zuckerberg Memes.Have Fun! Zuckerberg Meme, Funny Memes, Hilarious, Having A Bad Day, Your Man, How To Become, Guys, Hilarious Stuff, Sons

25 Extremely Hilarious Mark Zuckerberg Memes

If you are having a bad day so far, don't worry. This collection of memes will make your day. So buckle up and enjoy 25 Extremely Hilarious Mark Zuckerberg Memes.Have Fun!