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a sign that says, independent variable variable variable variable variable variable variable variable variable variable variable variable
Science Anchor Charts (Qualitative vs Quantitative observations; Variables)
5th Grade Fantastic: Science Anchor Charts (Qualitative vs Quantitative observations; Variables)
the parts of the human brain are labeled in different colors and sections, including cerebellum, pariepham, frontal lobo
A diagram of the brain with the general lobes.
an image of the human brain with all its parts labeled on it's side
Play Brain Surgeon with a Brain Jello Mold
Human brain parts highlighted with clipping path
an article about how to use the zombie love brain for children's mental needs
Parts of the Brain | Worksheet |
Worksheets: Parts of the Brain
four different colored crayons are stacked on top of each other with the words mixture 2 or more different substances that are not chemically combined
For science lesson plans, please go to:
Science for Kids chromotography
a poster hanging on the wall that says how to write like a scientist
Writing Like Scientists
Love this anchor chart for the beginning of the year. Teaches students how to draw and write like a scientist.
a hand holding a red cup next to a stack of cups on top of a wooden table
STEM Coding for Kids - Cup Stacking Algorithms
STEM Coding for Kids : Cup Stacking Algorithms - Children can learn about building algorithms by creating the steps need to replicate a cup stacking creation they have made. It is a great coding activity for children at home or students at school.
a poster on the wall that says clam, my claim is i think
Claim Evidence Reasoning Sentence Stems
a poster with the words, scientific explanation and claim in blue on top of it
Claim Evidence Reasoning Framework - Activate Learning
Download a free Scientific Explanations (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) poster, suitable for printing for your classroom. If You Only Concentrate on One New Strategy, Make it CER Every science teacher understands the value of students being able to explain phenomena, not simply to define vocabulary words or to answer questions that require them to show what they have memorized. But teaching students to construct explanations is challenging. IQWST makes the process easier by supporting t...
a notebook with some writing on it that says, energy resources from living things in the sun
Anchor Charts, Journals and Sooooo Much Going on! (Miller's Science Space)
Anchor Charts, Journals and Sooooo Much Going on!
a poster with the words cer evidence based response and an image of glasses on it
Seasonal Holidays 2022
claim evidence reasoning - Google Search More
a poster on the side of a building with information about grains and kilogramm
Grams & Kilograms Anchor Chart
Gram & Kilogram Anchor chart
an info poster showing the different types of aircrafts and their uses for flight safety
Infographic: Scientific Measurements
Infographic: Scientific Measurements
a bulletin board with writing on it that says weathering, breaking down and freezing down
Science anchor chart for weathering, erosion and deposition. We made up motions for these and played Simon says with them. My 5th graders loved it.
a poster with information about the different types of geograph items and their names on it
poster learning and fun with velcro! (plus free download)
Want to learn all 46 Geography Terms? They are typed them up and you can DOWNLOAD them for FREE!
landform vocaulary terms card pack - landforms for kids and young children
The Test Lab
This vocabulary pack is a great way to boost game-play in conjunction with the Vocab Victory (c) Game, or to have students use on their own for individual or partner studying.Vocabulary Term Cards included in this Pack:-Alluvial Fan-Aquifer-Barrier Island-Basin-Bay-Beach-Canyon-Cape-Cave-Cavern-Cay-Cliff-Coastline-Erosion-Geyser-Glacier-Gulf-Hill-Island-Isthmus-Lagoon-Lake-Meander-Mesa-Mountain-Oxbow Lake-Peninsula-Plateau-Pond-River-River Delta-Sand Bar-Sand Dune-Sea-Sinkhole-Strait-Valley-...
a poster with words written in different languages and pictures on the side of it that say changes in our earth
Science Anchor Charts
Changes in our earth
four different pictures with the text do you know the differences between frostin and weathering?
Weathering Vs Erosion - FREE lesson pack for kids!
an image of a page describing weathering and brochures for children to learn
Weathering and Erosion | Worksheet |
The earth is always changing and moving.Learn all about weathering and erosion with this worksheet.
a bulletin board with some writing on it
C is for Cookie
cookie erosion
a book with a skull on the cover and russian writing in red, white and black
Yesterday we began our study of the skeletal system. What's fun is that we are studying bones at Halloween! Makes sense, right? As part...
the skeletal skeleton and its major bones are labeled in this diagram, with labels on each side
Blank Diagram Skeleton Human Body | Label the blank worksheet to match the diagram.
lesson and quiz on the skeletal system...for  both Spinal Cord, Physiology, Medical Knowledge, Medical Coding, Medical Studies, Medical Education
Labeled Skeletal System Diagram
lesson and quiz on the skeletal system...for both
two paintings with different designs on them
Beautiful Bones
free art lesson plans for middle school | Love these lesson plans! Especially for middle school/Jr. High. Lauren ...
a person's hand is shown with the bones visible
Scholastic Teaching Tools | Resources for Teachers
StudyJams! The Skeletal System
a white paper with different types of shapes and numbers on it, including rectangle plates
Tectonic plates anchor chart.
the phases of the moon as seen from different places around the world, including earth
Phases of the Moon: Middle School Science Lab Lesson Plan
The Phases of the Moon--A Middle School Science Hands On Lesson
an artist's rendering of the moon phases
Moon Phases Animation from NASA
Moon Phases animation from NASA: "This animation of the Moon has been put together by NASA and shows how the phases change in the course of a year. It’s quite mesmerising to watch, as you see how the moon gets slightly bigger and smaller and changes its tilt slightly over time. Would make an excellent way to start a lesson about the Moon – play it in HD and Full Screen."