Amazing white space!

* Make the wall for the non bearing wall finished in a whitewash. * White floor boards and stair case * Plywood on the ceiling - white wash also.


chandelier and wood beam ceilings . YES YES, this would be just my style! LOVE the combo of very plain furniture with a grand, glitz chandelier and the wooden beams and ceiling! LOVE the doors as well. Give it to me, NOW

.i adore this !!

Early American library / dining room with big cathedral ceilings and lots of wood. Love the white dining chairs and huge chandelier.

gold and black design - ralph lauren home one fifth collection.jpg

Stylish home: Ralph Lauren Home - One Fifth Collection

Glamour Obsession: American Glamour by Ralph Lauren - chandelier and photos in the wall

More amazing, Ralph Lauren Island style

Ralph Lauren's home in Round Hill, Jamaica. Pocket Doors for Small Spaces gold fantastic home interior decor

"Nicky Haslam’s greatest legacy is his undeniable talent and influence as Britain’s ultimate interior designer." A Life of Design: Nicky Haslam Interior Design interior designer nicky haslam 4

A classic interior by Nicky Haslam

Let's pull out all the stops today with these great Nicky Haslam interiors -they're a LOT to take in, they must be a bitch to clean but I love them anyway!

nancy lancaster, 1950s

Nancy Lancaster, - One of the more famous interiors in the history of interior design, the yellow drawing room by Nancy Lancaster, features both English and French antiques in a delightfully cluttered space.