Le Marais, Paris.- The Secret Gardens of Paris

One of my favorite museums in Paris, but I don't remember the garden! the musée carnavalet museum / paris

Informal Edges

a pea gravel walk to my girl coop.set a few tumble pathway stone in to finish the look and grow a few much needed fruit/nut trees along the way :) perfect

/\ /\ . Angel Trumpets: re-seeding perennial blooms at night with pungent fragrance

Angels' trumpets - Brugmansia -It's extremely fragrant too! Moon Garden idea to add to green + white garden.

Gardens | Spirit Level Designs

Love the combination of color & textures! Already have my snow-in-summer and lamb's ear mounds. Just need some boxwood and rosemary to alternate with to give it a little more color variation.


Go Vertical! DIY Gardens for Small Spaces Go Vertical! DIY Gardens for Small Spaces If you need more gardening space, or you just want to .

Ginny Magher in Provence

This is how I’d a imagine a (very) stylish farmhouse in Provence would look like … this beautiful home belongs to Atlanta-based designer Ginny Magher. via veranda xx debra

Château de Sceaux, France

Parc de Sceaux - in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. The Château de Sceaux was originally built for Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the minister of finance to Louis XIV, with its large park designed by André Le Nôtre.

Vaucelleshof, Damme, Belgium

Large topiary boxwood balls with old clay tile and stone barn, and huge wooden barn doors.from Modern Country Style


Front Gate to our house. Love the creeper on the gate pillars and 'door' gate! Charleston garden (one of many lovely ones in the city).