Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls-perfect for a snack or an appetizer at your holiday party! Try this recipe with Johnsonville Sausage!

Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls

Maklike Vinnige Resep a classic buttermilk rusk recipe

I needed a classic buttermilk rusk recipe to make rusks for my TV shoot last week, and where better to turn for this than my much revered and sought after: ‘The Snowflake Book of Baking’…

All Bran Beskuit (Rusks) using Kellogs All bran and buttermilk. I grew up with these rusks and their delish!

As the saying goes dunk your rusks in a hot drink and simply enjoy. Rusks are a hard, dry biscuit or twice-baked bread which is enjoyed any time of the day, regardless of your dietary instructions.

Saad-en-neutbeskuit (seed and nut rusks)  in Beskuit (rusks) South African

Saad-en-neutbeskuit (seed and nut rusks) in Beskuit (rusks) South African


12 MAY 2013 Today was Mother’s Day in South Africa. Some of my happiest moments were the times spent with my mother in the early morning, sitting and talking about the day ahead while sipping strong coffee and nibbling on bran and buttermilk rusks.

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