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From the desk of Andrew Ryan! A quote from Bioshock, one of my favourite video games

Andrew Ryan speech Bioshock Considering how things ended up, Ryan had no reason to be smug about his alleged achievement.


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Some thought provoking art by Al Margen from Argentina

Some thought provoking art by Al Margen from Argentina

I cannot possibly tell you how much I love this, and how long I've been waiting for it.

In the Harry Potter movie well not really, but its in a funny pic. In here Harry says surely as in surely your not Sirius, and Sirius thinks Harry is calling him Shirley.

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Disney animals and their human form (By Alaina Bastian). I love this. But idk about Simba and Nala, maybe I'm too attached to them. And btw, props to Tarzan animators for giving us a character that didn't fit the stereotypes.

Classic Disney movies turned into reality

Disney animals in real life. why is Simba chasing Rafiki? Disney animals in real life why is Simba chasing Rafiki?

Color sketch~

Color sketch~