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yeah no shit  you can see who stalks  your page  sites tell you who looks lmfao

Find anything interesting? Seems your life is a little boring perhaps? Still trying to copy my life? Bitch haha go be still living with mama! Fuckin jelous bitch its 2015 GET A LIFE

11 Things Stepparents Aren't Telling You

11 Things Stepparents Aren't Telling You. I am not worried about that. I two fantastic kids who are first in my life and I am in theirs. No third wheel

drama mama quotes | Baby Momma Ecards When the baby mama don't

Stupid nasty ho making her daughter call every guy she hooks up with dad smdh yeah that's not going to damage and confuse your kid for life!

The joys of being a step parent!

I hope your delusions help you sleep at night! Definitely fits Miss Wendy! Sad you have to make up such awful things about me to make yourself feel better and to be able to maintain friendships with people.