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Mesosphere, asthenosphere, lithosphere, sodasphere


Soda Sequestration

Also my boss said I'd be fired if I keep making rambling signs like this. Then he ... (see next sign for rest of story)

Hotter than Average

You can lead a horse to a meter-wide hole, but you can't make it and 149 more horses jump in every minute.

Digging Downward

My theory is that all bowling balls floating in the Pacific are slowly drawn toward 5227 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Bowling Ball

people being cut off and sent floating into space in bubblepng:

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the stick figure characters, who had been standing, now jumping in a variety of poses

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several stick figure characters on two conveyer belts going opposite directions, passing each other.

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a map showing ice near the poles and mountainouse areas, shown with a light blue color

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