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Damian Lewis standing in the same spot that Dick Winters stood 64 years before.

Band of Brothers Damian Lewis stands in the same spot that Major Richard Winters stood 64 years before.

'Full Victory — Nothing Else': Iconic D-Day Images for Its 70th Anniversary

World War 2 Airborne Division Description Airborne Division - American paratrooper, among the first to make successful landings on the continent, holds a Nazi flag captured in a village assault.

Utterly brilliant.    robotcosmonaut:    Linz, Austria - January 18, 1945

American bombers streaming contrails as they conduct for a aim in Germany, 1944

doyoulikevintage:  P-51 Mustang

Cadillac of the sky! Mustang Day here @ Nut Tree Airport Vacaville CA 12 Oct 2013 - they're all over our skies today and they're awesome!