Blonde Hair Extensions

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Why Do People Get Hair Extensions?

There are many reasons people seek out hair extensions. Here are some of the most common reasons: Instant length Instant fullness Instant thickness No waiting for hair to grow out naturally Achieve a lengths hair will not grow to naturally Cover up a bad haircut Install color with extensions instead of coloring the natural hair Photoshoots Editorials Bridal and other special events Vacations Temporary fun Halloween costumes Pops of color for fun in any length How Long Can You Wear Hair…

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Tape in Hair Extensions Common Maintenance Questions

My Tape In Hair Extensions Make My Scalp Itch If your tape in hair extensions itch its time for a wash. Most common reasons for itchy tape in hair extensions is an excess build-up of oil or product is usually the root of the reason for the discomfort. My Tape In Hair Extensions Are Tangling If your tape in hair extensions are tangling, its time to re-evaluate your styling choices. Turn down the heat on your hot tools - thermal damage results in a rough cuticle that can catch on surrounding…

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Tape in Hair Extension Maintenance

Tape in Hair Extensions Maintenance: Wash your tape in hair extensions on a regular basis Gently brush through your tape in hair extensions before bed and before showering Utilize low ponytails and loose braids when looking to control your tape in hair extensions Do not use excessive heat on your tape in hair extensions Do not use conditioner on the tabs of your tape in hair extensions Do not go to bed with your tape in hair extensions wet Invest in extension specific styling brushes…

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What Kind of Hair Extensions Are Right For Me?

Thinking about getting hair extensions commonly poses the question -

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How Often Should I Wash My Hair Extensions?

If you are new to wearing hair extensions or you just need a quick reminder, here's the inside scoop on how often you should be washing your hair extensions: How Often Should I Wash My Hair Extensions? Specifically, with tape in hair extensions, it is generally recommended to wait two days before washing your extensions for the first time to allow the bond between the tape to adhere properly and completely to the natural hair shaft. Most other forms of hair extension can be washed…

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Why Do Some Hair Extensions Cost More Than Others?

The world of hair extensions can be somewhat confusing. Especially when considering the wide range and change in cost. Here are a few examples of why some hair extensions cost more than others: Why Do Hair Extensions Cost So Much? The majority of the work involved with making hair extensions is mainly done by hand. Long length hair typically costs more because of the smaller amount of raw material available for use (i.e. there are a lesser amount of people with long hair rather than should…

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Why Do Hair Extensions Cost So Much?

If you have ever thought about wearing hair extensions, you may also have been immediately shocked hearing the prices some consumers pay for hair extensions..... Why Are Hair Extensions So Expensive? Plain and simple no matter where you buy them, hair extensions are hand made. There is no machine process as of yet that can automatically create hair extensions. The majority of the work is performed by hand and takes many hours to complete. The only way machines are used are for perming the…

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How Do You Wash Tape In Hair Extensions?

If you're thinking about wearing tape in hair extensions, or you are getting ready to wash your tape in hair extensions for the first time, follow these simple tips for a successful care routine. How to Wash Your Tape in Hair Extensions: Brush through your tape in hair extensions using a natural boar bristle brush to gently release the hair for a natural flow. Rinse your tape in hair extensions with warm water to thoroughly saturate the tape in hair extensions. Apply an ample amount of…

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Will Removing Tape in Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

If you're worried about removing your tape in hair extensions, don't be! The time will come when you need to remove tape in hair extensions, and the process is quick, simple and when done properly, damage-free. When Should I Remove My Tape In Hair Extensions? If it has been more then 8 weeks, its time to remove your tape in hair extensions. Generally, tape in hair extensions are worn for 8 weeks, with some wearers wanting to remove and replace in as little as 4-6. This depends on the comfort…

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How Are Tape in Hair Extensions Removed?

You've been loving your new tape in hair extensions but its time to have them removed (and probably replaced). Here are a few helpful tips to get you ready for removal and re-installation. When Should I Remove My Tape in Hair Extensions? Tape in hair extensions need to be removed from the natural hair approximately every 8 weeks. This time frame helps keep the wearer on a good care and maintenance schedule and minimizes damage. However, if you experience any discomfort while wearing your…

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Pros and Cons of Tape in Hair Extensions

Many have heard that Tape in Hair Extensions are the beauty industries leading form of no-damage hair extensions and are flocking to purchase these tape in hair extensions by the thousands! So what makes tape in hair extensions so great?

If split ends remain in your hair, they will travel up your hair shaft and cause more breakage (ruining your hair goals)! If you're tired of not achieving the length you desire for your hair then read below to discover 4 simple tips to prevent split ends. Gray Hair Growing Out, Grow Long Hair, Gray Hair Highlights, Transition To Gray Hair, Salt And Pepper Hair, How To Cut Your Own Hair, Peinados Pin Up, Hair System, Tape In Hair Extensions

[How To:] Blending Tape In Hair Extensions

Now that you have cleaned, prepared, sectioned and installed your tape in hair extensions you are probably wondering how to blend them so that they blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Here are a few pointers on how to blend your new tape in hair extensions in with your natural hair: Reminders Before Blending Tape In Hair Extensions: Your quickest and most seamless approach for blending in your tape in hair extensions is to seek the advice from a salon professional. Since spending time…

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[How To]: Sectioning Your Hair for Tape in Hair Extensions

Now that your hair is clean and prepared for installing your new tape in hair extensions, let's figure out how you'd like to section your natural hair for installation: Traditional 40 Piece Sectioning for Medium Hair and Average Size Head: Starting in the nape area just behind the ears, take a horizontal parting approximately 1.5-2 inches below ear level, and apply three tape in hair extensions, evenly spaced within that section. Your next section is a horizontal parting taken directly…

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[How To]: Preparing to Install Tape in Hair Extensions

So you've got your new tape in hair extensions but you don't know how to install them? First thing is first, you need to follow a few simple steps before you can install your tape in hair extensions. Preparing your hair for Tape in Hair Extensions: Before you can install your tape in hair extensions, you need to make sure you are hair is perfectly clean and free from debris: Before shampooing, release any tangles in your hair using a natural boar bristle brush; Run warm water through your…

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I Want My Hair to be Longer

At some point in your life, you've probably dreamed of having longer, fuller or thicker hair. You may have even done some research on what you could do to make it grow faster. You could have even gone through several DIY hair growth

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Can I Curl and Straighten My Tape in Hair Extensions?

Tape in Hair Extensions are an extension of your natural hair and in most cases, you can do almost anything with your new tape in hair extensions that you would normally do with your natural hair. What Can I Do With Tape In Hair Extensions? Shampoo - Yes, you can shampoo your tape in hair extensions. We recommend usin