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Folding Sweaters to Save Space | Aesthetic Folding Hacks for Sweaters
How to Perfectly Hang Towels in Bathroom
By @effectivespaces
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an info sheet with instructions for how to use it
Get Your Sh*t Together: The Power of 10 Minute Cleaning Sprints ::
You won't believe what you can accomplish in only 10 minutes.
an organized pantry with baskets and containers
9 Organization Projects From Our Friends
the room - by - room checklist for lightening your material load is shown
How to Downsize Your Life + 100 Things To Throw Away
It's time to lighten the load in your home! Here's a room-by-room guide for thinning out your material possessions (plus printable checklist)! #[
an organized pantry with labeled labels on the door and shelves in it, including cleaning supplies
From Coat Closet to Cleaning Closet {Organizing in Style}