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By increasing the pool of muscle fibers capable of contributing to the pedaling action, you increase the amount of rest opportunity for each so you can sustain a given speed longer before motor units begin to fatigue. 12 Weeks to Stronger Cycling

It was 1999 when Mavic debuted their wireless shifting system. When it did work it was found to be too slow in race conditions. It just couldn't change gears fast enough. Cycling team Swiss Post had it on their bikes for a while.

Road bike skills are so important to gain time and distance on your competitors. Learn these 12 cycling secrets to get faster and quicker.

7 Ways to Improve Endurance on the Bike

Spending a day in the saddle might sound good to your brain and bad to your butt, but do you have the endurance to pull it off?

6 Ways to Avoid Fading on a Long Ride

Everyone can start a bike ride strong, but learning how to avoid running out of energy during endurance cycling events is a special skill.