Boerebeskuit: Literally meaning "farmers rusks", a South African food and legacy from the Voortrekkers’ nomadic way of life.

Todays history lesson: Boerebeskuit, literally meaning farmers rusks, is a South African food legacy from the Voortrekkers nomadic way of life.

Melktert soos my se ma s'n!

Crustless Milk Tart Slices: The creamy, velvety texture will have everybody hooked in one bite.

Granadilla passion fruit fridge tart - South African food recipe

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Koeksusters - South African food adventure, South Africa food

Make South African Koeksisters - Koeksisters are the south African version of donuts, except that they are made with a twist (literally),and dunked into cold syrup instead of being dusted with powder.

South-African "Braaibroodjie"

South-African "Braaibroodjie" MUST be done on an open fire (coles only) for that BBQ taste! Served with braaivleis (meat on the fire)

Uit die Huisgenoot kombuis: Brood met kaaskappie

Uit die Huisgenoot kombuis: Brood met kaaskappie

Uit die Huisgenoot kombuis: Kaneel-appel-uitmekaartrek-brood

Appel en kaneel is vir mekaar gemaak – en hulle kom pragtig bymekaar in hierdie brood.

Bake for longer on a lower heat and use a bigger dish to make a flatter pudding that can absorb the sauce 💙

Malva Pudding, South African Baked Dessert

Beskuit in 'n broodpannetjie

Karringmelkbeskuit – plet 2013 - yumiie maar sit extra suiker in