Yummy South African samoosa

South African Indian Samoosa - chicken, lamb or mutton mince are more popular meat fillings for samoosas in South Africa. Pork, beef or soya mince can be substituted for the mince. The filling recipe is different for potato samoosas.

Cheese scones. A typical South African recipe that works.. Kla!

Cheese scones - Ministry of Food style. Yummy scones, and no stuffing around with butter.

Tomato bredie recipe | South African recipes | Cookbook.co.za

tomato_bredie (We don't eat lamb or mutton but this works just as well with beef - just cook it slowly for longer)

TANNIE SARIE SE SOUTTERT http://lekkerreseptevirdiejongergeslag.blogspot.com/2014/02/tannie-sarie-se-souttert.html Juan Reynecke Soutte...

Crustless Savory Tart Ingredients: 3 Slices white bread crumbled 500 ml Milk 125 g bacon pieces (fried) 400 g viennas chopped 4 Eggs 1 ml dry.

Magdaleen se wen-frikkadelle

Meatballs of Ground Beef - 5 Tasty Low Carb Ground Beef Recipes for You - EnkiVeryWell

Recipe / How to make biltong chili bites / sticks (stokkies) at home.

How to make your own delicious spicy biltong chili bites (peri-peri sticks) at home. Easy quick recipe for a South African Favorite!

Mini boboties

Mini boboties

INGREDIENTS 2 slices white or brown bread 125 ml milk 30 ml cooking oil 500 g lean beef mince 2 medium onions, coarsely chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 3 ml ground ginger 15 ml medium curry powder…

Biltong Cheese Spread Haystack Sandwiches [ NYBiltong.com ] #biltong #recipe #flavor

Biltong Cheese Spread Haystack Sandwiches [ NYBiltong.com ] #biltong #recipe #flavor

In en om die huis: Ingelegde kerrie boontjies

Delicious "Kerrie-boontjies" (pickled curry beans) will show you a new way to say "yes please" to your greens!

make your own biltong at home in a biltong box or dehydrator for South Africans living overseas

Easy recipe and directions for making healthy organic delicious biltong at home. How to make authentic South African tasting biltong and dry wors.