Art Room poster on Bloom's Taxonomy Interesting but I know I would use other drawing mediums and label them.

Art Room poster on Bloom's Taxonomy. May be this could be used for advertising the media department, changed paint brushes foe apple macs

But WHY Is Art Important?

Cornwell Fam: But WHY Is Art Important? Well said, great links and examples of how art is intertwined with the human experience. Art helps us relate to our world, events, ideas and our feelings about them.

This is THE growing list for all the homeschoolers, teachers, and parents who want more ideas for lesson plans, classroom management, and child-directed art inspiration.

30+ Inspiring and Useful Art Education Blogs

A pretty cool thing happened: Artful Artsy Amy was listed by TinkerLab in a list of the 20 Best Art Education Lab s.

Art Makes You Smart by nytimes #Art #Education

Art Makes You Smart

This NY Times article highlights interesting research on the effects of school visits to art museums. If you can't get your students to the museum, consider bringing the museum to them through CILC technology.