White Sand of South African beaches

Dreaming of a Summer vacation on the ocean? Indulge in Votivo White Ocean Sands, close your eyes and dream away.

A hippo enjoying a nice dip in the stream at the world famous Kruger National Park. Anything is possible when you set your mind on it. And one day soon, I'd finally trek my way through the park. Hippos, lions, zebras, giraffe and many more animals are in danger of human encroachment. Save them, peeps! Google Image Result for http://cache2.artprintimages.com/LRG/21/2142/YQRED00Z.jpg

Hippopotamus Surrounded by Water Lettuce, Kruger National Park, South Africa

So, that Hungry Hungry Hippos game was WRONG. Also, hippos hardly ever eat marbles.

Maybe because of his sense of humour he'll get a few donations? The 'still horny' part scares me though.

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