For your Healthy Breakfast and meal plan: #loseweight

For your Healthy Breakfast and meal plan: #loseweight

#Herbalife Nutrition Tip: 💬Make sure you drink enough liquid - 🍹water, milk & fruit juices🍹 are some of the healthiest options. For more tips on #HealthyNutrition and #Hydration email Anne at

Interestingly, calcium loss occurs during the night and affects women 👩 more. Do you take calcium supplements?

🤗#Okra contains soluble fibre, vitamin C, folic acid & potassium. What's your favourite okra recipe?🍽️  For more information on #HealthyNutrition email Anne at

A delicious and convenient way to increase your daily fibre intake. Herbalife provides the Gold Standard in consumer protection.

Your isn't finished if you haven't refuelled your body with a protein + carb snack!

Water can help stave off hunger. Try having soups & shakes for a filling, low calorie snack or meal.

You can't change without knowing the problem. If you're trying to eat less, you need to know why you're eating too much🤔.   For more information on #HealthyNutrition and #PortionControl email Anne at

Diets involving fasting can lead to a “remarkable” reversal of diabetes, scientists have claimed. Periodic cycles of fasting appear to “reprogramme pancrea

🤔Craving something sweet? Satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious, Herbalife Protein Bar😍. #HerbalifeNutrition💛

tip: Eat to move & move to eat. Eating well fuels exercise & increased activity means increased kilojoule needs.