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Looking up at a wind mill in Clarens, Free State, South Africa

Do the hi-jackers know about this?  YES! Their favourite hangout spots in South Africa!

Pretoria South Africa Photo op-This would be amusing except that I have already chased one criminal through a Cape Town restaurant.

So funny to see this lion hanging out at this signpost.

Freaky fun wildlife, as long as you are not the ones sent to stand at the assembly point, is this what you could call a drive in fast food joint for lions?So funny to see this lion hanging out at this signpost.

South African humour.

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Clearly Warning Criminals in Afrikaans and a African language that he / they Will Be Shot should he / they Break in to the Owners House / Property.

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Leopard in Kruger National Park, South Africa. BelAfrique your personal travel planner - www.