Black Widow Spider

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Spider tattoo on the upper back.

Tattoo Artist: Woori · Oddmapper. Tags: categories, Illustrative, Animals, Arachnids, Spider. Body parts: Back > Upper Back.


Spiders belong to the order Araneae of the class Arachnida. They are most closely related to scorpions, ticks and mites. Spiders have a body composed of two regions called the cephalothorax (head) and abdomen (body). They have eight legs, no antennae or wings, and an unsegmented abdomen. Four, six or eight eyes are located at the front of the cephalothorax. Also located at the front of the cephalothorax are the pedipalps, appendages used for handling food. (See above.) Spinnerets are located…

Black Widow Spider 9" Die-cut Vinyl Decal / Sticker -10078

Item Description This is a brand new top quality CAD cut vinyl decal. If the decal artwork and/or lettering is shown with a background, it is for illustration purposes only. The actual decal is die-cut to its shape. The surface of whatever the decal is applied to is what will show around the decal. Decals can be applied to virtually any smooth clean surface. Can be used on windows, cars, boats, interior walls - you name it! They will last for years. Decals are precision cut and shipped…

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Latrodectus, The Black Widow Spider

She only requires some respect from you, and you'll be fine. ~pinky swear~ Spiders are forever maligned by humanity, and none is more maligned than the black widow spiders. Forever the black widows are associated with Halloween, and are readily...